Stay safe on the road and enjoy peace of mind with our protection products like extended warranties, GAP Plus, debt cancellation protection, tire and wheel coverage, windshield repair, dent and door ding protection, and 24/7/365 emergency roadside assistance.

Protection Products

Extended Warranties

HFCU offers members the ability to protect their auto purchase from costly repairs that may occur beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty often falls short of the long-term protection sought by many consumers. In many cases, consumers don’t know what a warranty covers – for example, is the warranty only limited to major components? When does it expire – in 30,000 miles? Many people travel that far in less than two years! If you’re a consumer that believes an extended warranty may benefit you, email us or call 1-844-VIP-HFCU (1-844-847-4328).

Terms and conditions apply. Talk to a Loan Specialist for details at 281-243-0555 or toll-free at 1-(844)-VIP-HFCU. Credit Union membership is required before utilizing any product and/or service by establishing a savings account with $5. Must be eligible for membership. Other restrictions may apply.