ELEVATE Your Financial Life

A lack of knowledge can be costly for anyone, but the consequences of financial decisions can be tragic. Houston Federal Credit Union wants to financially educate our members on necessary skills that will contribute to elevating their lives. Our financial education program, ELEVATE, provides an understanding of topics such as, The Benefits of a Credit Union, Budgeting Tools, and Retirement 101. These are the questions that members want answered when buying a home or car, funding their children’s education, and saving for retirement.

ELEVATE consists of short easy to complete interactive modules that will give you a better understanding of financial terms, budgeting skills, debt management, and the importance of establishing retirement goals. Through ELEVATE , HFCU is determined that you have less financial stress by engaging you with solutions and empowering you to surpass your goals. ELEVATE Your Financial Life!

Great Reasons to ELEVATE Your Financial Life!

Lack of Financial Education: Financial education is important, but isn’t focused on in public schools or government forums. The lack of focus on financial education puts stress on members when trying to make financial decisions.

Financial decisions are becoming harder: People are becoming more involved in financial decisions from 401K plans, pensions, debt consolidations and purchasing a home. HFCU members have asked for guidance in making these life-changing decisions.

Life expectancy: The increasing longevity in comparison to other generations creates the need for more retirement savings.

Technology: The financial markets are swifter and more volatile, due to technological advances such as online applications, e-tellers, and electronic trading which impact the consumer faster based on a signal decision. Houston Federal Credit Union wants our members to understand the impact of technology and financial decisions.