Business Savings

Business Share Certificate Accounts

Our Share Certificate Accounts are investment accounts for members* that are small business owners who want to earn a higher dividend rate and do not need immediate access to their funds. A penalty** will be imposed for the early withdrawal of certificate principal prior to maturity date. Our rates are reviewed and set weekly to ensure that our members* receive the best rates.

HFCU’s Share Certificate Accounts are built with flexibility in mind. With different minimum share amounts and terms, our Business Share Certificate Accounts may pay better than other competitive dividend rates and might be the perfect fit for the our members* business investment needs.

Share Certificate Rates Below Effective: July 23, 2024 through July 29, 2024

Share Certificate Accounts

Term Share IRA & Jumbo
Dividend Rate APY*** Dividend Rate APY***
7 Day up to 91 Day 2.722% 2.750% N/A N/A
6 Month to 11 Month 4.135% 4.200% 4.252% 4.320%
12 Month to 17 Month 4.764% 4.850% 4.880% 4.970%
18 Month to 23 Month 4.232% 4.300% 4.349% 4.420%
24 Month to 29 Month 3.990% 4.050% 4.106% 4.170%
30 Month to 35 Month 3.990% 4.050% 4.106% 4.170%
36 Month to 47 Month 3.990% 4.050% 4.106% 4.170%
48 Month to 59 Month 3.990% 4.050% 4.106% 4.170%
60 Month 3.990% 4.050% 4.106% 4.170%

You can call us at (281) 243-0500, toll-free at 1(866) 687-4328, or stop by any of our offices today to open your Business Share Certificate Account. You can also print the Business Account Card, complete it, and bring it with you when you open your account.

*Must be eligible for Houston Federal Credit Union membership and open a share savings account with a $5 minimum deposit in order to become a member and obtain any product or service.

**A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal of principal prior to maturity. Fees and other restrictions may apply. Fees and other conditions could reduce earnings on account.
Refer to the applicable Share Certificate TIS Disclosure Supplement for further disclosures.

***APY = Annual Percentage Yield.
Rates are subject to change weekly.
$7,500 minimum investment for 7-91 day regular certificates.
$500 minimum investment for 6-60 month regular certificates.
$100,000 minimum investment for jumbo certificates.
Fees and other conditions could reduce the earnings on the account.
Share dividend rates are set by the Board of Directors monthly. Certificate dividend rates are set weekly.