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Protection Products

Debt Cancellation Protection

Protecting Your Financial Future

An unexpected loss of income can change your family’s standard of living in an instant. It can be emotionally and physically stressful, as well as making household financial commitments difficult to meet. Struggling to make loan payments on a reduced or lost income is another heavy burden your family shouldn’t have to bear. When you choose to protect your loans with Debt Cancellation protection, you’re planning for your family’s financial future.

Comprehensive Protection

Debt Cancellation protection protects a broad range of events that could impact your ability to repay your loan – helping to increase your peace of mind. Debt Cancellation protection may help cancel or reduce the outstanding loan balance or your monthly loan payment in the event of a protected event, such as a death, disability, involuntary unemployment, or a family medical leave of absence.*

Debt Cancellation protection includes protection for:

  • Disability
  • Death
  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Family Medical Leave of Absence

Convenient and Affordable

After your loan is approved, and if you meet the age requirement, you may elect to purchase Debt Cancellation protection on your loan. If you choose to enroll more than 30 days after signing your loan documents, your approval for the protection will depend upon eligibility requirements and your answers to health questions and statements.

The fee for your chosen protection option is collected at the same time we process your loan payments, eliminating the need for you to remember another due date.

Talk to a loan officer today about these important ways to protect your financial future. Or, email us or call 844-VIP-HFCU (toll-free 844-847-4328).

Check with your loan officer for more details on Debt Cancellation protection, including exclusions, limitations, and maximum benefits.
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Terms and conditions apply. Talk to a Loan Specialist for details at 281-243-0555 or toll-free at 1-(844)-VIP-HFCU. Credit Union membership is required before utilizing any product and/or service by establishing a savings account with $5. Must be eligible for membership. Other restrictions may apply.