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HFCU Card Alerts Service

HFCU’s Card Alert Service will no longer be supported as of August 31, 2020. Please start using our new HFCU Card Alerts and Protections for more customizable alert options through the HFCU Mobile Banking App.

HFCU Card Alerts Service

HFCU Card Alerts Service uses the smsGuardian™ text alert service, which is a FREE service available to you to help keep track of your daily transactions, and also safeguard your accounts from fraudulent activity that could take place. It gives cardholders the ability to receive and respond to text alerts for any approved or declined transactions with their HFCU credit or debit card. The cardholders will receive text alerts on their cell phone with their enrolled Visa® or ATM cards. Sign up all your HFCU cards today!

Steps to sign up for HFCU Card Alerts

Some benefits of HFCU Card Alerts using smsGuardian™ for the cardholder:

  • More efficient way of keeping track of daily transactions
  • Two-way text communication
  • Ability to enroll up to ten devices per card number
  • Do-Not-Disturb window capability
  • Enrollment is for one year
  • All major phone carriers supported

Text alerts will contain the following:

  • Institution Short Name (HFCU)
  • Last 4-digits of the card number
  • Merchant Name
  • Transaction Amount (not provided for automated fuel dispense transactions)
  • Alpha/Numeric Code
  • Text messages come from “27576” number

Depending on the type of alert, the text may contain additional verbiage to identify the type of transaction, location of transaction, or if the transaction was performed via the internet.

Text alert process:

  • If transaction is unauthorized, cardholder should reply to text message with the proper code within 12 hours of receiving the text message. After 12 hours, the member would need to contact the Fraud Center or HFCU to report any unauthorized activity.
  • Cardholder will receive a reply text from smsGuardian, confirming card is now blocked.
  • If no reply is sent, the transaction is assumed to be valid
  • If cardholder replies STOP, all future smsGuardian text alerts will be stopped for any card with that device enrolled.
The cell phone or mobile device must have the ability to send and receive text messages and the use of “short codes” must not be blocked. Short codes are special telephone numbers, often five digits long, which are used to send text messages from mobile phones. You are responsible for any text messaging fees from your carrier, message and data rates may apply. This service is available for the following carriers listed at: https://www.