Fraud Alert Center

The Pay Yourself Scam

There is a new type of phishing attack, where scammers are sending realistic texts requesting you to send money using Zelle® as payment due to a “fraud alert”.

These texts are used to make the warning look legitimate, and people who respond to these texts are receiving calls from fake representatives.

The fake representatives will use social engineering techniques to trick and convince you into sending money to yourself through Zelle® as a payment method. In reality you will be sending the money directly to the scammer’s pockets, and they will be able to receive your money into their account.

Please click below to review the video about the pay yourself scam.

We want to remind members to never share any codes or personal information, or feel pressured to act immediately if you receive this type of text message or call. HFCU will never ask you for your personal account information through a text message or over the phone.

When in doubt, call us out! If you are unsure of a recent message that you may have received, please do not click any links or respond to it, and feel free to call us directly at (281) 243-0500; toll-free at 1 (866) 687-4328 with any questions or concerns you may have.