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Introducing eBudget: Your Personal Money Manager


HFCU’s eBudget tool is a new personal money management application securely integrated into your online banking portal. Not only will you be able to view ALL of your accounts—including non-HFCU accounts, external credit cards*—like those from department stores, balances, and transactions 24/7 and in one place, but you will also be able to:

  • Track your monthly cash flow and bills
  • View your spending history and categorize transactions
  • Add spending targets and see where you spend or save the most
  • Set-up short or long term financial goals and track your progress

Take control of your financial future today! To get started, simply log into online banking, click on the eBudget tab, and follow the steps for adding your additional accounts.

Not a member yet but want to take advantage of HFCU’s eBudget tool, and money-saving assistance we offer? Become a member now and in no time you’ll be enjoying all of the HFCU membership benefits and perks!**

*Participating credit card companies may vary. **Must be eligible for HFCU membership and open a share savings account with a $5 minimum deposit in order become a member and obtain any product or service. Apply online at, visit any of our convenient locations or call us at 281-243-0500 for more information. Terms and conditions may apply.