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ELEVATE Your Financial Life!


ELEVATE is a FREE financial education service; we provide to help increase financial knowledge and awareness for everyone. HFCU wants to make sure you have the financial education that is necessary for purchasing your first home, refinancing your car, and saving for retirement. ELEVATE consists of individual modules that will give you a better understanding of financial terms, budgeting skills, debt management, and the importance of establishing retirement goals. Through ELEVATE, HFCU is determined that you have less financial stress by engaging you with solutions and empowering you to surpass your personal goal.

Why is Financial Literacy so important?

  • Increased Financial Knowledge – Financial education is not focused on in public schools and leads to some adults making costly financial choices.
  • Help Prevent Scams- Don’t be a victim! ELEVATE will help you spot the signs that thieves use to target your assets.
  • Debt Management- Learning the benefits of budgeting and understanding your finances means less stress when making financial decisions.
  • Set Financial Goals- Whether your financial goal is saving for retirement or a vacation, it is essential to determine the steps needed to keep you on track.

HFCU advocates the importance of financial literacy to help guide people through their financial decision-making to make well-informed decisions, and also avoid costly mistakes with their financial resources. Now’s a great time to increase your financial knowledge, especially with interest rates on the rise. Let us help you make better decisions to ELEVATE Your Financial Life!

ELEVATE My Financial Life!