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Fee Schedule

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Effective September 3, 2019

Credit Card Fees
Collection Fees All costs involved in collecting amount owed to HFCU including court costs and reasonable attorney fees.
Late Fee (the lesser of) $15.00 or the amount of the required minimum payment if you are ten (10) or more days late in making a payment.
Minimum Payment (the greater of) $20.00 or 2% of balance
Returned/Dishonored Payment Fee $30.00
Over the Limit Fee $15.00 will be charged when you exceed your account balance limit by more than $100 ($100.01 or more). This will be charged only once per billing cycle, regardless of the number of times your account balance becomes over the limit by more than $100 during a billing cycle.
Stop Payment Fee $15.00
Expedited Card/Pin Order Fee (per item) $27.50