From helpful information on protecting yourself from identity theft, to learning about phishing scams, to knowing the steps you should take to prepare for natural disasters, arm yourself with the knowledge to keep you and your accounts safe.

Information & Additional Services

Telephone Banking

With HFCU’s telephone banking service, members can enjoy immediate access to their accounts anytime of the day or night from any touch-tone telephone. This convenient service places your own personal automated teller right at your fingertips anytime you need it! Check your account balances, transfer money, verify deposits and cleared checks, and perform a variety of other routine transactions. By simply dialing the telephone number in your area, you can conduct your HFCU business from the privacy of your home or office.

Why Use HFCU’s telephone banking service?

When you call our telephone banking service, you’re linked directly to your HFCU account. And, since only you know your access code, you have complete privacy and security. So start enjoying 24-hour access to your accounts with our telephone banking service – your personal teller available anytime, anywhere.

Telephone Banking Local Numbers:

(281) 243-0770 (Greater Houston Area)
(864) 676-7110 (Greenville, South Carolina)