Limitations Behind 0% Financing

Although the 0% financing option may sound attractive at first, looking deeper may reveal a different story. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the dealer charging you a higher price for the vehicle for the option of 0% interest?
  • What is your credit rating?
  • Is the 0% offer limited to certain models or dealer stock?
  • Is the 0% offer restricted only to short-term loans?

Car dealers often raise the price of a vehicle to afford offering the 0% financing to buyers. Often, the buyer has the choice between a low interest rate or a large discount. By financing your new purchase with HFCU, you may be able to receive the dealer’s discount incentives without paying their high interest rates.

If the 0% offer is limited to certain models or dealer stock, you may have to sacrifice color, style, and/or options you want. Unwanted options can add to the sticker price of your car. Plus, if the 0% financing offer is restricted to short-term loans, the monthly payment could be so high that it’s difficult to afford.

Remember, the dealership is in the business of making money.
Do your homework first – you’ll probably be better off taking the rebate, negotiating a better price, and financing with Houston Federal Credit Union.