Running a business is not easy, which is why we try to make our business checking and savings options as transparent and accessible as possible.

Deposit Services

Business Savings

Our deposit services for small businesses offer flexibility and high returns and are among the best business savings accounts in the industry. You’ll get a solid return on every penny you deposit. And, your deposits are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. government agency, up to $250,000.

Regular Business Saving Accounts
Our Regular Savings for small business owners make managing your finances easy. You’ll earn a fixed dividend rate on the entire balance in your account, and it’s easily accessible when you need it. The minimum deposit to open a Business Savings is just $5.00.

Business Share Certificate Accounts
Our Share Certificate Accounts are investment accounts for small business owners who want to earn a higher dividend rate and do not need immediate access to their funds. HFCU’s Share Certificate Accounts are built with flexibility in mind. With different minimum share amounts and terms, our Business Share Certificate Accounts pay better than competitive dividend rates and may be the perfect fit for your business investment needs.

Business Money Market Accounts
HFCU’s Money Market Accounts for small businesses allow you to save for future expenses like taxes, insurance, and large purchases. Its flexibility, competitive dividend rates, and attractive terms make this an ideal account for your business. Money Market accounts are savings accounts with limited checking access. The great news is that you will earn a higher yield on these accounts compared to Regular Savings. With an HFCU Money Market account, you can make up to six withdrawals or transfers per month, allowing convenient access to your account. All it takes to open a Business Money Market account is a low minimum balance of $2,000. And with the tiered dividend structure, the more money you have in your account – the more you will earn!

Stop by any of our locations to open your business account today. You can also print the Business Account Card, and bring it with you when you open your account.