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Deter Fraud with HFCU's FREE smsGuardian™ text alert service


One of the fastest growing crimes in America is fraud! Whether it’s credit cards, identity theft, or forging checks, anyone can be impacted by these scoundrels’ determination. Fraud can be quite lucrative to criminals especially when they target uninformed consumers. The continual fight to combat these scams is addressed by the government, law enforcement, and credit unions. According to, Resources to Fight Fraud, 2013, by Credit Union Times:-

“There are many steps that credit unions can take to help deter and detect fraud,” said Joette Colletts, senior manager of risk management for CUNA Mutual.

Houston Federal Credit Union believes in active fraud prevention and providing our members with the tools to protect their financial assets. smsGuardian™ FREE text alert service that will allow cardholders to track daily transactions and help safeguard their accounts from any fraudulent activity via your mobile phone. The service gives cardholders the ability to receive and respond to text alerts on pre-determined transactions.

Sarita John, HFCU Card Service Manager, states “smsGuardian™ FREE text alert service is an excellent service! It is another method our members can use to help protect their accounts which they have worked hard to establish with HFCU”. Sign up all your HFCU cards today! For more information about our smsGuardian® text alert service click here.

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