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Ring in the New Year and Consolidate Your Debt


If you are struggling to make monthly payments on high-interest credit cards, loans or other obligations, it is time to start the New Year on a better financial path by consolidating your bills into a fixed-rate signature loan. You’ll save money with a lower finance rate and have fewer bills to pay each month, with less of a chance of missing a payment–which could harm your credit score.

Our signature loan special offers you Up to $2,500 with a fixed rate as low as 7.50% APR*, and Up to 18 Months to pay back the loan.

Take a Step Toward Financial Confidence and Consolidate Your Balances Today

You may also call us at 281.243.0500, toll-free at 866.OUR.HFCU, or stop by one of our convenient locations, and a loan representative can help you start consolidating your balances today!