Important Information

Members Please Stay Alert and Be Aware of Zelle® Fraud

There have been recent reports of members falling victim to scammers who are imitating HFCU employees in order to gain personal account information through Zelle®.

These scammers might be using a spoofed number that looks like it could be from HFCU,  and can also sound very convincing when they claim to be an HFCU employee. 

They will raise the alarm by telling the member that their account has been compromised, and will then ask them for their personal account information for verification purposes. 

Do not panic by immediately providing them with any confidential info. That is what they are hoping for. Take a moment to realize this is a scam, and that *HFCU will never call you to ask for any personal account information over the phone or through a text message*.

If you receive a call or text of this nature, hang up the phone, or alternatively if you receive a text, do not answer it.  If you are unsure about a call or text you have received, please call us directly at 281-243-0500, or toll-free at 1-(866)-687-4328. You can also call or message us directly through the support tab through the eTeller Online Banking  or eMobile Banking app.

Please continue to stay alert and be aware of scammers who could be trying to steal from you.  Make sure you also share this important information with friends and family members.

HFCU Kirby and Fluor Branches will be Moving Soon

We are excited to announce that plans are currently in motion for the relocation of two HFCU branches!

The HFCU Kirby branch currently located at 3701 Kirby, Suite 120, Houston TX 77098 will be relocating to the Weslayan Tower, located at 24 Greenway Plaza, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77046.

The HFCU Fluor branch currently located at One Fluor Daniel Drive, Sugar Land, TX 77478 will be relocating to the Energy Corridor, located at 777 N. Eldridge, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77079.

These new branches will be full service offices that are open to the public with in person tellers, Member Service Representatives, walk-up ATMs, and safe deposit boxes to accommodate our members’ financial needs, as well as provide convenient parking for easy access.

We are very excited about these branch relocations, as they will present more opportunities to continue providing excellent service that exceeds expectations of our members and future members!

Please stay tuned. Communication will be sent to members with more details as we get closer to the opening dates for each branch location.

Guard Yourself Against the Latest Mobile Payment Scams

There have been reported cases of increasing social engineering scams regarding Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

We want to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge to safeguard your accounts against the rising threat of mobile payment scams. Our commitment to your financial security is paramount, and recent reports on increased social engineering scams related to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have prompted us to share some essential tips.

  • Retrieve your mail daily.
    Fraudsters are known to steal mail directly from your mailbox, aiming to obtain sensitive information. Regularly retrieving your mail reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your account details or potential modifications to your account.
  • Set up alerts on your account.
    Take advantage of the features offered on HFCU’s online or mobile banking system to set up alerts for your account and card. Receive real-time notifications for every transaction and gain the ability to deactivate your card during inactive periods, reactivating it only when making a purchase. Regularly reviewing your account activity is easier with these alerts.
  • Set a strong password on your account.
    Protect your account by setting a robust password. In the event that fraudsters possess your personal information, a strong password acts as a crucial barrier during the member identification process, preventing unauthorized access to your account information.
  • Do not give any of your information out.
    Beware of unexpected calls claiming to be from HFCU. Remember, our employees will never ask for sensitive information over the phone. If in doubt, hang up and call HFCU directly at 281-243-0500, or toll-free at 1-(866)-687-4328. to verify the authenticity of the call.
  • Keep accounts up to date.
    Ensure all your contact information, including phone number, home address, and email address, is current. This helps us reach you promptly if necessary, strengthening our ability to protect your account.

Please, practice extreme caution when entering personal or account information for purchases, clicking links in emails, or visiting websites. Fraudsters are continually developing new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, and your attention, coupled with the tips provided, can be instrumental in preventing unauthorized access to your money.

As always, thank you for being a valued member of Houston Federal Credit Union!