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HFCU Card Security Features


Here at Houston Federal Credit Union it’s our duty to keep our members aware of our security and alert features to protect you from potential fraud.

Data breaches, identity theft and card fraud have all become common forms of security threats. We want our members to know that we provide a variety of secure features and services that allow our members the ease of knowing that your accounts are protected.

HFCU Card Security Features

Our HFCU cards come with a variety of security features that allow your cards to stay secure.

Card Holders Name. All cards will contain member name to advise ownership of card.

Expiration Date. Your card will have an expiration date that will advise when your card is no longer valid.

Chip technology. All debit and credit cards are inserted with a chip to enhance payment security. The chip creates distinctive data with each transaction, making fraud more difficult.

Identification Number. Your ATM card will contain a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) printed below your card number that uniquely identifies that your card is issued from HFCU.

Secure Code. The back of our debit and credit cards will contain a Card verification Code also known as “CVV” with a three digit security code that assists with payment protection for non-present transactions.

Signature panel. All of our debit and credit cards come with a signature panel that is required to be signed by card owners. This signature assists in identifying card ownership.

Check out our new Card Alerts and Protection Feature:

Our HFCU Card Alerts is being replaced with Card Alerts and Protection within our HFCU Mobile Banking App. HFCU Card Alerts will no longer be available after August 15, 2020. Our new HFCU Card Alerts and Protection feature is available now. Take a look at some of the great aspects of our new Card Alerts and Protection service that assist in preventing unauthorized use of any of your HFCU cards.

  • Turn your HFCU card on and off if your card is lost, stolen, or being misused
  • Get instant alerts when any of your cards are used
  • Set dollar limits to keep spending in check
  • Prevent transactions that don’t match your settings
  • Block and receive alerts based on merchant and transaction types and/or spending limits that you set up

Here’s how to set up Advanced Card Controls in our HFCU Mobile Banking App:

  • Go to the HFCU app dashboard and select “Accounts”, then select the appropriate account
  • Go to “Card Management” and choose a card
  • Finally, tap “Alerts and Protection” and choose the controls you would like to apply to your HFCU card.

Now you can have the peace of mind of knowing your cards and accounts are safe. If you don’t already have our FREE online banking service and mobile banking app click Make the Most of Your Online and Mobile Banking for more information. You must first be signed up for online banking in order to have HFCU’s mobile app, they go hand in hand. Once signed up for online banking, simply visit the App Store or Google Play from your mobile device. Next, search for “Houston Federal Credit Union” and you’ll see the* Houston Federal Credit Union Mobile Banking app*. Follow instructions for download*.

If you need assistance setting up your online banking (eTeller) service, simply call us at 281-243-0500 or toll-free at 1-866-OUR-HFCU, and we are more than happy to assist you. We hope you enjoy piece of mind with our new Card Alerts and Protection security features that help you protect against unauthorized use of any of your HFCU cards.

*You are responsible for any text messaging fees from your carrier, message and data rates may apply.