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Enter to Win a $250 Visa® Gift Card


Our smsGuardian® text alert service is a FREE member service available to you to help keep track of your daily transactions and also safeguard your accounts from any fraudulent activity that could take place. Sign up all your HFCU cards today!

Now through April 30th, when you sign up your HFCU Visa® debit, credit, and ATM cards through HFCU’s free smsGuardian® text alert service, you could win a $250 Visa® gift card. Each card that you sign up counts as an entry to win! For more information about our smsGuardian® text alert service click here.

Sign up for smsGuardian® Text Alert Service

See a Member Service Representative, call 1.866.OUR.HFCU (687.4328) or click here for rules and restrictions.