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Break Up with your High-Interest Rate Credit Card…Fall in Love with an HFCU Credit Card!


Why make another high-interest rate credit card payment? Houston Federal Credit Union credit cards will save you money, and keep you from crying every time you see your monthly statement! Take control of your finances with the HFCU Visa Platinum Credit Card! Take a closer look and compare our credit card to yours:

  • 2.99% APR Six Month Introductory Rate*
  • NO annual fee
  • NO balance transfer fees
  • NO cash advance fees
  • NO rate increases for late payments
  • Same low rate for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances
  • 25-day grace period for purchases
  • Low 1% foreign transaction fee
  • Zero fraud liability
  • Up to 1% cash back on your annual level of purchases

With no balance transfer fees, you can transfer your other higher interest rate cards to the HFCU Platinum Visa and start saving money now!

No more heartache over that high-interest rate card! Fall in love with our flexible, convenient and lower rate credit cards!

Apply today

*APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Certain limitations, exceptions, and restrictions apply. The 2.99% Introductory APR applies to purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances for the first six billing cycles and is offered to first-time credit card applicants only. Stated rate applies to well-qualified applicants. Details will be provided when you become a cardholder After the six billing cycles the introductory period, the rate you receive will be variable, based on your credit history at the time of application; not to exceed 18% APR. The Variable Rate is based on an index, which is the Prime Rate as published in the Money Rates section of The Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the month and is subject to change monthly. Any change in the Index will be effective the first day of the first billing cycle immediately following the date of the change. The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate as of March 15, 2020: 3.25% APR. The introductory rate is only available for new HFCU cardholders. Rates are subject to change without notice. Details will be provided when you become a cardholder.