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ActivEdge Secure Card Reader


Discover Revolutionary Anti-Skimming Technology

Diebold ActivEdge Secure Card Reader is a new security feature that is in the process of being added to every Houston Federal Credit Union ATM. This game-changing card reader prevents attacks from every vector, defends against additional ATM threats, and protects your card(s) from possible fraudulent activity.

As the industry’s first secure card reader, it counteracts skimming by altering the way a card is inserted into an ATM and read. ActivEdge requires card users to insert their cards long-edge first, making it impossible for skimmers to capture the card’s information. Additionally, it features a moving rather than stationary read head, eliminating a fundamental weakness that all skimmers attack.

HFCU is committed to helping our members protect their accounts and prevent fraud. We appreciate your relationship as we continue to do everything we can to enhance your financial well-being.