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Traveler's Checks

Traveler’s Checks

When you’re planning a vacation Traveler’s Checks are a must! By getting your Traveler’s Checks at HFCU, you will be given easy access to cash while traveling. Worldwide, Traveler’s Checks are a legal form of payment, and they are backed by American Express®. The Traveler’s Checks are registered in your name, and in the event they are lost or stolen, you can report the loss and have the checks easily replaced.

Instead of taking the risk by carrying cash, carry Traveler’s Checks and protect your money! Best of all, HFCU charges no fees on regular American Express® Traveler’s Checks if you have an HFCU checking account.

If you’re interested in getting Traveler’s Checks, stop by any HFCU office location or call us at 1-866-OUR-HFCU or (281) 243-0500 for more information.