From helpful information on protecting yourself from identity theft, to learning about phishing scams, to knowing the steps you should take to prepare for natural disasters, arm yourself with the knowledge to keep you and your accounts safe.

Information & Additional Services

Emergency Preparedness

Hurricane season typically runs from June 1st through November 30th each year. The best source of protection that you have, for any emergency, is to be prepared and have a plan. Visit the Red Cross web site for information and tips on emergency preparedness.

Emergency Preparations For Managing Your HFCU Accounts and Services:

  • Sign up for HFCU’s online and telephone banking services to have immediate access to your account(s)
  • eTeller (free online banking)
  • eCheck (free bill pay service)
  • TellerPhone (free telephone banking)
  • VISA CheckCard or ATM Card
  • Free eStatements and eAlerts
  • Make sure that you have HFCU’s correct routing number (313183368) and your account number(s) to ensure accuracy on ACH, Direct Deposit, and other transactions.
  • You may want to retrieve important documents, etc. from your safe deposit box.
  • Get extra cash just in case financial institutions and/or ATMs are closed or available.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

HFCU Houston Area Local: (281) 243-0500
HFCU Toll-Free: 1 (866) OUR-HFCU or 1 (866) 687-4328
HFCU Loans Toll-Free: 1 (844) VIP-HFCU or 1 (844) 847-4328
Greenville, SC Local: (864) 676-7300
TellerPhone: (281) 243-0770

In the event the above telephone numbers are unavailable during a disaster or other emergency situation, members can get updates on the status of HFCU operations by calling the Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) emergency information system telephone number:

1 (877) CU LOCAT

1 (877) 285-6228

HFCU Members Have Access To Over 30,000 FREE ATMs Nationwide
HFCU is a member of the CO-OP ATM network which gives members access to over 30,000 free ATMs across the country. In addition, ATMs at HFCU offices are also free for members.

HFCU Members Have Access To Over 5,000 Credit Union Service Centers Across The Nation
In addition to having free ATMs nationwide, you also have access to over 5,000 credit union service centers across the nation where you can conduct transactions on your HFCU account(s) at no cost to you!

Be prepared this hurricane season by utilizing this helpful information as well as having a plan!